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BTLW5XYBD9Corrected an issue with enforcement of $NoPurge item when doing R5-style archiving, which
could prevent the removal of documents from the source...
JEIN5YGHGFFixed a problem where DBLookup would fail from an R6 client against an R5 server, if there was an extra space in the view name. This regression was...
DJOE5VGC5WFixed comparisons between Turkish characters saved in R5 and Turkish characters saved in R6.
JBIE5X7VERReservations for rooms created with an R5 client will have the correct resource-type. Prior to this fix, R5 clients would experience unexpected...
PFOI5ZLLLFFixed a problem reading the old web configuration view. Added code to behave the same way that Notes Release 5 behaves when reading the old web...
ASCR64TCPXWhen looking at any server document based on the 6.5.2 template, with an R5 Client (reading or editing), the Internet Protocols tab was not visible. ...
MSTR5VFKV4Meetings sent between time zones in mixed R5/ND6 environments display wrong originating start date. This problem has been fixed in 6.0.5 and...
EHET5ZY22JSetting Spanish (Modern Sort) caused the error "error during main dictionary spell initialization". This regression was introduced in...
MCMA65XJHGFixed a sporadic Notes crash when closing documents with Active Accessibility turned on. This regression was introduced in 6.0. This fix applies to...
TTRT5VLQDBWeb redirection that includes ?openform, ?openview was not redirecting in Domino 6.x. A workaround would be to exclude the query string component of...
GPKS5VUCX6This fix allows the focus to move away from the embedded view in a dialog. This regression was introduced in 6.0.
MDKU63WU8XThe update catalog failed with the message "Unable to update entry in catalog ( filename.nsf): file does not exist due to problems with resolving...
DCOE5Z4UVDAn alias is no longer added when moving a folder via Actions\Folder Options\Move Folder. This problem caused duplicate folders with some PDA...
THTO64ZPRWFixed a memory overlay problem which occurred after an R5 client opened a message sent by an R6 client and detached more than 100 LZ1 compressed...
VOHL65QLU4This fix prevents the server from running out of private handles during a heavy replication from R5 clients. The server will crash with an...
OOGE5RRL64Printed document is shifted to the left. This problem was introduced in 6.0.
OOGE66RJBBError "Notes error: Formula error" was displayed after trying to upgrade rules that were created in the R5 client (or when the mail file was in the...
TITH5T8BCMFixed a case where DBCS characters were being read incorrectly in fields containing more than 512 characters, and the character was split across a...
WBLD5YRCM2Fixed a difference in selective replication between Notes 5.x and 6.x. A certain case propagated a new version of the note when it should...
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